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Aerospace Composites
digitally sensorised from manufacturing
to end-of-life


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Deep Dive in project partners #2 AMRC

The engineers of the AMRC Asimina Manta and Oliver Simpson will explore in depth the role and goals of The University of Sheffield Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre in the project.

The research center stands as a global hub for cutting-edge research in advanced manufacturing technologies, applied in aerospace, automotive, medical and other high-value manufacturing sectors. Their main research areas encompass automated production machining, advanced curing techniques, dry fiber technologies, design simulation and innovative materials.

The engineers of the AMRC composites team actively collaborate with the consortium, with a primary focus on pioneering a technology that seamlessly integrates wireless sensors into the initial phases of aeronautical structure production. This groundbreaking innovation facilitates comprehensive component tracking throughout their entire lifecycle, starting from the manufacturing process, through in-service usage, maintenance, and eventual recycling.

In addition to advancing their progress to meet environmental sustainability goals, they are dedicated to tailoring fiber reinforcement for specific applications and crafting compact structures embedded with state-of-the-art sensing technology critical for the digital transformation. The early incorporation of these sensors with wireless capabilities offers a distinctive feature not found in existing solutions.

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