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Aerospace Composites
digitally sensorised from manufacturing
to end-of-life


Arriaga Kalea, 2, 20870 Elgoibar, Gipuzkoa

Technology & Impact

Technical innovations

Technical innovations Areas



Development / integration of magnetic microwires and data reader - Magnetic microwires - Portable reader


New way to monitor and control the method of manufacture - Carbon fibre-lay-up, preforming, infusion process and cure monitoring

In Service

Wireless sensor technology for inspection and novel repair capability

End of life

Sensor system recyclability / sustainability

Validation and Certification

Novel material qualification and certification guide
Impact on the NCF materials manufacturing industry

Impact on the NCF materials manufacturing industry

The capacity of delivering composites with wireless and continuous health monitoring system will have a valuable effect on performance, safety, reliability, lifecycle costs and assists in the design and optimization of composites structures

Impact on the sensory industry through disruptive wireless sensor technology

INFINITE will support the digital transformation of the aeronautics industry thanks to the wireless SHM development

Impact on composite materials design and certification

INFINITE will deliver new digital methods, tools and guidance to certification processes for the new technology. The project will demonstrate a novel composite manufacturing procedure which allows significant reduction of weight, design and certification costs, and environmental signature. Thus, it will significantly contribute to reduce the air-pollution given the reduction of the aircraft weight.

Impact on manufacturing strategies

The continuous monitoring of the composite lay-up and following manufacturing steps is a significant advantage in terms of materials control and minimizing possible defects. The manufacturing process investigated in the project is typical for structural composite components, but similar processes are used for a wide range of composite parts. Therefore, the focus of these industries is to reduce the total manufacturing costs (material usage, process costs, energy), which is in line with INFINITE objectives and contributes to the EU’s climate targets in terms of aviation’s non-CO2 climate impacts.

Impact on quality control strategies

The INFINITE technology will make possible to have quality control information through each of the manufacturing stages. Enabling the detection of manufacturing issues, defects and assure compliance with the required quality standards at the time of production. This improved capability will radically decrease the rejection rate, especially at the end of the manufacturing process where the value of the part is at its highest.

Impact on flight efficiency and security

The preventive management and constant information about the composite integrity will allow quick action avoiding further deterioration, increasing the aeronautic industry guarantees in a market where safety is one of the main customer drivers.

Impact on secondary industries through reuse and recycling

INFINITE aims to enable the use of sensorised materials in the aerospace industry, developing more efficient and faster manufacturing and maintenance operations of the composite parts. INFINITE will deliver accurate, costeffective, and tailored quality assurance of aerospace composite components throughout their whole life, from cradleto-grave. This HMS capability will have an impact on the OMEs, as well as on their supply chain, including material and component manufacturers, MROs, and ultimately the airlines, following the EC policy-driven planning and assessment framework that cover the three pillars of Horizon Europe.


INFINITE is actively engaged in a clustering initiative centered on the Next Generation Digital Aircraft Transformation (Call HE-2021-CL5-D5-01-06) and Next Generation Multifunctional and Intelligent Airframe and Engine Parts (Topic MG-3-5-2020), aimed at fostering collaboration in potential communication, dissemination, and exploitation activities between EU funded Projects. The primary focus is on amplifying the impact of projects involved in the initiative within the European research, industry, and society.

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