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Aerospace Composites
digitally sensorised from manufacturing
to end-of-life


Arriaga Kalea, 2, 20870 Elgoibar, Gipuzkoa

Aerospace Composites digitally sensorised from manufacturing to end-of-life

Inifite Project
0 M€
EU Funding

INFINITE aims to develop sensors and analyser based on the usage of ferromagnetic microwires to be embedded in composite structural parts, in order to monitor manufacturing and structural health throughout the whole life cycle of the component. The wireless monitoring system will permit producing digital signals and vast sets of data linked with the specimen to create an as-built digital twin of the structure that will also account for the whole history since it was manufactured through all maintenance operations performed.

The INFINITE project therefore aims to develop the know-how to incorporate advanced sensing technology in advanced composite components for aerospace applications. The principal achievement of the project will be to develop a calibrated system capable of suppling powerful data useful for the SHM process. This will provide the means to develop accurate, cost-effective and tailored quality assurance of aerospace composite components throughout their whole life, ensuring aerospace structures are well positioned to comply with current but highly demanding circular economic strategies.

June 2000
Until May 2025

Objective 1

Demonstration of the capacity to integrate sensors on the composite parts.

Objective 2

To develop integrated technologies and methodologies towards next generation of composite SHM.

Objective 3

To monitor and control the on-line manufacturing process of sensorised fabrics composites.

Objective 4

To ensure the safe and efficient composite aircraft structures maintenance and repair processes.

Objective 5

To improve sustainability of aerospace components, defining suitable end of life strategies and assessing the environmental impact of sensorised composite materials.

Objective 6

To demonstrate and validate the project concept and solutions. Ultimately providing guidance for aircraft certification requirements.

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