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INFINITE Project’s Successful Exhibition at JEC 2024

INFINITE was prominently featured at JEC 2024, the Leading International Composites Show, marking a significant presence in the aerospace industry’s supply chain. The event took place from March 5th to 7th at the Paris Nord Villepinte Exhibition Centre.

The INFINITE partners, including Titania, Teijin, Ideko and Aeroform Composites, showcased their capabilities and technological innovations in composites. They effectively disseminated the project’s advancements, contributing to the event’s status as a premier gathering for industry leaders.

Our partners captivated attendees with their latest advancements and technology in composite technology. It was an exceptional opportunity to highlight the project’s progress and the technologies under development. JEC World 2024 proved to be an invaluable platform for networking and collaboration among the most influential entities in the aerospace sector. Peio Olaskoaga, project coordinator from Ideko remarked that the event provided an excellent platform to showcase the project’s progress over the past one and a half years.

Fernando Serrano, Business Manager at Titania, highlighted the importance of the JEC Paris composite fair as a hub for innovation and a prime opportunity for Titania to engage with international customers. The fair allowed for detailed discussions on the characterization of composite materials and the INFINITE project’s research programs.

Willem ter Steeg, from Teijin explained that the project has made substantial progress, with initial sample materials produced, tested, and verified, paving the way for larger production runs using INFINITE materials. The focus now is on non-crimp fabric (NCF) materials, where carbon fibers are layered and stitched together. He showcased the materials that will be used in the INFINITE project to apply sensorized fibers that can measure temperatures and stresses. Additionally, it was showcased how the project aims to explore the recycling of these materials and the potential reuse of sensorized products after their initial life cycle.

On the other hand, Chris McHugh, Development Manager at the AMRC, University of Sheffield, emphasized the significance of participating in JEC 2024 for networking, exploring new opportunities and showcasing the technologies developed within the INFINITE project.

The event was also crucial for Aeroform Composites, marking 24 years of participation. It served as a gathering point for experts, professionals and stakeholders in the composite industry, fostering business and professional opportunities. Aeroform Composites took this chance to meet existing customers, local partners and distributors from various countries, as well as to disseminate information about the INFINITE project.

The INFINITE – EU Project’s involvement in JEC 2024 underscores its commitment to advancing composite technology and contributing to the broader composites sector.

Here is a brief video summary of what our partners Aeroform Composites, AMRC, Ideko, Teijin and Titania showed at the JEC World 2024. Enjoy it!

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