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INFINITE – EU Project shines at BIEMH 2024

The INFINITE project was under the spotlight at the prestigious BIEMH, the benchmark international advanced manufacturing trade show, which took place on June 4th, 2024. The project was represented by Peio Olaskoaga from IDEKO, who delivered an insightful presentation on the initiative.

Organized by Innobasque, the INFINITE project was a key part of the official Innotech lecture programme. The event provided a platform for our project Coordinator to offer in-depth explanations of the R&D work being conducted, funded by the European Union.

The initiative, which focuses on cutting-edge technologies and methodologies for composite structural health monitoring (SHM) in aerospace components, was well-received by the audience. The presentation highlighted the latest advancements in digitally sensorized aerospace composites, from manufacturing to end-of-life.

The 32BIEMH event was an excellent opportunity for the INFINITE project to demonstrate the technologies being developed and the significant progress achieved thus far. It also served as a testament to the project’s commitment to innovation and sustainability in the aerospace sector.

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