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INFINITE joins SUSTAINair Conference on sustainable aviation

We are thrilled to announce the INFINITE project’s active involvement in the SUSTAINair, Sustainable Aerospace Value Chains Final Conference, which took place on June 11th and 12th in Vienna.

This event marked a significant step forward in the journey towards sustainable aviation and the circular economy.

Collaboration with Sister Projects: The conference will serve as a collaborative hub, connecting the INFINITE project with other EU sister projects, including CAELESTIS, MORPHO, DOMMINIO, RECAL, GENEX, and INFINITE. Coordinators from each of the six projects presented their unique approaches to integrating advanced digital technologies, aiming to transform the aerospace industry towards a more sustainable and intelligent future. These projects are united by a shared vision to digitalize European manufacturing sustainably, working on advanced digital technologies that will redefine the aerospace industry.

Sister Projects Introductions Session: Our project coordinator, Peio Olaskoaga, took the stage on 11th June from 17:00 to 18:00 to introduce the INFINITE project. The session was an enlightening showcase of the collaborative efforts aimed at fostering sustainable aviation and innovative circular economy solutions.

We had a significant opportunity to have an insightful exchange of ideas and strategies for a greener future in aviation. Let’s come together to support and drive the change towards a more sustainable world.

For further details, please see this video.

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